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Dear visitors,
my name is Martina Ledermann and together with my husband Pavel we produce timelapse videos and take photographs. We like this work and it makes a lot of fun, to search new places for timelapse videos and to search new subjects for to take photographs. Before some years we established a small business in Frankfurt / Main, Germany, where we live and so we can offer our timelapse videos and HDR photographs. The following texts on this website will explain more about the production of timelapse videos and our work.

What Are Timelapse Videos and How They Are Produced?

Timelapse videos are produced out of hundreds of single photographs from one scene, where are movements. It is usual, that a for e.g. 13 seconds timelapse video contents approximately 600 single photographs. Typical scenes for timelapse videos can be traffic, clouds, sunrises, sunsets, crowds, growing flowers, flowing waterfalls, lakes and rivers or stars in the night. There are lots of possibilities.

Also the weather plays a role for the timelapse videos. The wind should not be to strong, so we always take a look at the weather forecast. To take for e.g. 500 photographs this will take approximately one to two hours, this depends how long the timelapse video should be and how many images your camera can produce. The interval for the timelapse video can be for e.g five seconds for to take photographs from the moving clouds.

After we have taken the photographs our work at home will begin. We use a special timelapse program for to create the timelapse videos. These programs are quite expensive, if you will use them for commercial purposes. The long time a production of a timelapse video needs, the fast time the camera will be out of work after approximately 100.000 shots and the expensive timelapse program are the reasons, why timelapse videos are have such a pricing. It is a lot of work.

What Is the Advantage of Timelapse Video or Photography and What Can I Do With It?

The timelapse videos are very popular and in 4K or HD quality - whatever you choose. You can put these timelapse videos on your website and impress your friends, your family and visitors with it. You can adapt the photographs (resize, change) however you want.

Are Your Timelapse Videos and photographs For Sale?

Yes, on this website you can order the timelapse videos and photographs (the videos will follow) via e-mail. If you like to purchase one of our timelapse videos, please mail us. Please write in the email the desired video order number (you will find them under each video and photography) and if you want to purchase a 4K or HD video or, in case of a photography the order number, the desired format and the desired resolution.). You will get a confirmation email and you have to purchase the timelapse video or the photographs via PayPal (if you want to send the money to my German bank account, please let me know). My e-mail and my PayPal address is


Are there limitations in use?

You are not allowed to upload the videos on YouTube, to copy the videos for third parties or to resell them. But of course you can put the videos and the photographs on your server from your website or you can connect the video to a TV for to show them to the public. To save the photographs you should include a secure method on your website, that the photographs cannot be copied by your visitors.

How Do I Get the Purchased Products?

After you have purchased a timelapse video or a photography, we will upload your timelapse video in 4K or in HD/photographs on our server and send you the download link, the password and the invoice by email. This part of our server will be password saved and only we and you will know the password. You can download your video from this server. We ask you to tell us, when you have downloaded the video, so that we can delete it again from our server. If you only purchased a photography, which is smaller than 10 MB, we can send you the photography by email.

Return and Right of Withdrawal

After you received the download link there is no possibilty any more for a return or a withdrawal. The reason is, that we cannot controle, if you have downloaded the articles or not. For download products are no possibility for a return.

And now you can have a look into the timelapse video (will follow) and the photography section. Enjoy it!