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Before you begin your work as a translator or proofreader, you should specify, prior to creating your invoices and sending them to customers, your word or page rate. It is very important for your work that you can actually live on your income. Nevertheless, self-employment is always characterized by ups and downs. There are months in which your revenue will be very high and other months when things are not going so well.

It makes sense to save a fixed amount in those months when you earn a lot to help out during bad months. You can assume that regular, continuous orders will arrive, but these can often also be only very small orders, so that you do not reach the average of your daily income. For such cases, you should save some money in good times.

The calculator for translators and proofreaders can work out what word rate you need to charge. If you want to count your orders per standard page, then you have to expect about seven words per line and 30 lines per page. However, this is not an accurate statement, since the standard pages in different countries are calculated differently. For this purpose, however, you can check the Internet.

The calculation looks like this:

Word price x 7 words per line x 30 lines = price per standard page

It is difficult to increase prices later on. A translator or proofreader who suddenly increases their prices can lose their regular customers. The calculator calculates downtimes, vacation time, free workdays, company costs, words per hour, desired income, weekly working hours, and the percentage of hours worked.

However, sometimes it can happen, of course, that instead of the planned three weeks for an illness it turns into six weeks and then the calculation is no longer correct. No one can accurately predict the actual amount. The best result is to translate the amount of words per year and the price you have to calculate per word in order to achieve the desired income.

Good luck!